Can Rodents Be A Problem At Your New Home?

If you are thinking that you have rodents at your place, then it might be true. However, it is rated that most of the household is suffering from rodent problems. Rodents need shelter, especially in the winter season. Critically, if you are cooking something in your kitchen, then rodents may be attracted. Regardless, rodents can cause a lot of problems in your new house. Rodents may transmit some diseases like rat fever, Hantavirus, plague etc. Additionally, rodents eat up electrical wires, causing house fires. Therefore, it is necessary to know all signs of rodent infestation. Moreover, know all necessary steps for rodent prevention & control. So, what are the signs that you have rodents in your new house? This blog will tell you all the necessary information about rodents. 

Sign that you have a rodent infestation in the new house

Rodents and all pests leave their existence signs behind. Rodents look like tiny pellets. However, in a new house, it is mandatory to check rodent signs. Previous house owners remove the rodent spots and ignore them. But, now people know the harmful causes of rodents. Therefore, they pay attention to rodent signs and hire professionals for rodent prevention & control. Some signs of a rodent infestation are given below. 

  • Gnawing marks: Have you ever left butter on the table? Even find that piece of butter missing? Do you see gnawing marks on your new home? Then that is a good indicator that you have rodents at your new home. Therefore, after noticing you must follow the process for rodent prevention & control
  • Notice your pets: Dogs and cats are more attracted towards these rodents. Critically, if you have pets at home, must notice them. Rodents sniff the pets out. Moreover, there is an active infestation in your house, your pet can sense it. Nevertheless, if the cat is continuously noticing the hole. Or checking beneath the refrigerator for so long. Then your pet may have found its food that is a rodent. 
  • Scratching noises: If you are having a lack of sleep because of scratching noises during the night. Then this is a pretty good sign of rodents. It might be possible that in the new house this scratching sound feels haunted. Rodents create scratching sounds on woods or drywalls. You will hear this sound when no sound is audible. 
  • Nests: Rodents make nests in a house with soft material. They can make their nest with paper, plants and fabric. Moreover, you may find their nest in cartons on the basements. Additionally, you can find rodents nest under cabinets. 

So, if you are purchasing a new home, looks above the given signs. Also, don’t make these signs a deciding factor. As there are many ways for rodent prevention & control. 

Two important ways for handling rodents in a new house

If you are tired of rodents at your new home. Well, it’s the right time, to solve the rodent problems. As rodents cause many harmful diseases to humans. Additionally, also create fire through chewing wires. So here are some ways for rodent prevention & control. 

  • Trapping: the trap is the best option for controlling rodents. You can use glue traps for rodents. Moreover, spring traps will be the finest for trapping rodents. Even spring traps are cheaper to buy. 
  • Repellent: Repellent for rodents is the effective option. You can use sprays and mothballs for rodent prevention & control. However, the trap is not the better option for rodents on walls. 

Appoint our experts for rodents prevention & control 

Traps and repellents are best for controlling rodents but not permanently. However, clever rodents escape themselves from traps. So, for the rodents, you must hire professionals. If you want a perfect rodent prevention & control service, call our experts. Nevertheless, we have the latest products & technology for rodent removal. 

Pest Control Ringwood has many certified rodent removalists. Moreover, we know about controlling rodents from hideouts. Thus, our specialists use pets safe solutions for rodents. In addition, our pesticide solutions for the rodent is even safe for the environment. Our experts also remove dead pests from your place. So, for rodent prevention & control, hire us. You can even contact us through a call. Feel free to ring us at 03 4050 7720