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Ants are social beings which means they always travel in groups. Some groups are in hundred and some are in thousands. If ants are occupying your house or commercial place, then you will need a licenced team to exterminate it. A company like Ant Control Ringwood gets its licence only after going through proper channels and intense training to perform the right pest control job. Our training and experience make sure that our quality of work is efficient and effective. We always follow the regulations of pest control. We focus on removing the pest in a short period of time. This means you will be back to your house or can start your work quickly. We do our job peacefully, with no chaos whatsoever. So for a smooth pest control service book us right away. You can book our services by calling us on 02 3813 8559.

Cost-effective emergency ant control service

Ants can infest your homes any time in the year. We take booking round the clock and all days of the year. Our emergency pest control services are quick to access. You can call us at any time and we will reach you within an hour. Yes, we are that serious. We come to your desired location and inspect the area of the ant infestation. We always reach on time when it is an emergency and are ready with tools and machines to remove the nasty ants from your place. We quickly come up with a plan and implement it. Moreover, our service is very cost-effective. Be it regular ant control or emergency ant control services, our prices do not change. Book us and get an exceptional ant control service.

FAQ’s On Ant Control Ringwood

🙋 Does Salt kill ants?

No, salt doesn’t kill ants but if you spread the salt near corners and nooks it will help in keeping them away.

🙋 What food repels ants?

There are a lot of foods that repels ants such as cinnamon, mint, chilli pepper, black pepper, etc. Just sprinkle where you see ants in your house.

🙋 Why do ants keep coming back?

Excessive moisture in your house attracts ants to your home again and again. Ants need a water source near their hiding area.

Ant Control Ringwood
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